My thoughts on Kim Hyun Joong’s scandal

Okay, so the past one week has been a roller coaster ride for all Henecians and Triple S. When the news first broke out, my heart sank a bit. Now that Keyeast and GF A have been going back and fourth on the ‘battle field’, I just want to share my opinions.

Firstly, we cannot take sayings from both parties (GF A and Keyeast) as the entire truth. Why? GF A made up her mind to report the case to police, she would tell the story from her point of view, in her benefit. So things could be exaggerated. Keyeast can’t be trusted too, because they are KHJ’s agency and whatever they do is all part of damage control, to save the reputation of KHJ. Thus they may opt to leave out details or even hide the truth which are critical to us, fans.

Secondly, GF A claimed to have dated KHJ since 2012, while KE’s official statement is that they only became a couple recently. Fraud, KE might have said that out of their attempt to savage the issue, but it doesn’t help when photo envidences and text messages came out. This is like lifting up a stone and hit your own toe.

Thirdly, while GF A said her rib bone got broken and abused by KHJ, where she put the entire blame onto KHJ, KE stated that “they only got physical once, the accident happened while they were playing and pushing each other”. In this case, the truth is obvious that KHJ was indeed involved physically. If he is completely innocent, KE won’t put the responsibility on both KHJ and GF A.

Lastly, as to whether or not KHJ has been abusing his GF, we do not know at this moment.
But all in all, this is all part of his private life. His job is a singer, an actor, an entertainer, we as fans will support him because we like him, his personality and what he does in front of the camera. We should never doubt him for his love towards fans, family and friends. But in the case of the alleged abuse to his GF, I think that sometimes we cannot account for all of our actions, especially when we are furious. When we are angry, we act on impulse, it’s how our brain and nervous system work, (fight or flight action) thus we may sometimes do things which we regret later. This is why we are human, we make mistakes.

If KHJ were to hit his GF, I believe that there’s a trigger which led him to it. I don’t see why a person like KHJ can hit someone else, esp when the person is his lover, out of the blue, without any reason. (And i’m not saying this bcos I’m biased towards KHJ or agree on violence actions, I’m just trying to rationalise his actions)

For me, I have met KHJ during non-public events, I know he has a decent character. He is a caring, friendly and kind person. Recent examples I can think of, during the media greeting at IG’s FM in Beijing, the first thing KHJ did when he walked in to the hall, was to bow and greet his fellow cast mates. And after it ended, while walking back, KHJ turned and once again greeted Yoon Hyun Min and shown gestures to ask YHM to walk first.

During the FM, when YMH didn’t get much opportunities to say, KHJ is carefully planning every moment possible to get YMH involved in Q&A and interactions. This shows his politeness and care towards colleagues and friends.

Remember how we get to high-5 with KHJ after the FM back in 2012? KHJ was the one to suggest that, it’s totally a free service added to our favour. All fans no matter which category of ticket bought were given an opportunity to high-5. Just imagine how tired it must have been to high-5 everyone after a 2 hours performance. KHJ did it sincerely till the end.

Finally, to conclude, my take on the matter is that KHJ should just come out and voice out, if he did it, just admit and apologise. All can be forgiven. If he didn’t do such things, all the more he should make it clear to the public.

Who are we to judge and point finger to him after all..we are just fans.

15 thoughts on “My thoughts on Kim Hyun Joong’s scandal

  1. kanojokhj

    I do agree!!!!! We are just fans!!!! I also think there is some true behind… but still I can’t help myself and think, “I like him, his music, and what he does on the stage”.

    I am so thankful because thanks to him (his words, way of thinking, etc.) I have achieve lots of things, so I can’t just turn around and say good-bye. It had been 7 years already. I chose and choose to be his fan.

  2. Noya

    Well said and soo pity they crucify him prior getting his statement. and there are so many loopholes in the dates and statement that does not add up. same about the pics….one is fm 2009 when he was with his group…how can be same person? the other with his drinking buddies, look more like man than a woman. but they all gone in a witch hunt here without even realising they destroy a good man without even getting to listen to his side of the story! Pity media is so biased!!

  3. Rossi

    “If KHJ were to hit his GF, I believe that there’s a trigger which led him to it. I don’t see why a person like KHJ can hit someone else, esp when the person is his lover, out of the blue, without any reason. (And i’m not saying this bcos I’m biased towards KHJ or agree on violence actions, I’m just trying to rationalise his actions)”…..but there’s NEVER rationalization for hitting someone! to the point that they have to be hospitalized and obviously he was not in danger for his life because he was fine! while the girl needed to be admitted to the hospital.

    I honestly don’t understand ppl who falls back to the “who are we to judge” defense because it’s one thing to judge ppl based on their appearances, it’s an entirely different thing to judge when you know that person committed a heinous crime like domestic abuse because you should judge the hell out of the latter group. WHY WOULD YOU NOT JUDGE SOMEONE WHO HURT SOMEONE LIKE THIS?!

    1. admin1 Post author

      So I meant not to judge when we don’t know what’s really happening, based on assumptions and not-so-true reports from either side.

    2. terumisan

      KHJ would understand, as I stated he is a devout Catholic. I am basing my decision of not judging based on our Faith. People may disagree on Faith, this is my choice and my way to show my support. Everyone is entitled to opinions. I’m not perfect what you state, people are judged about their looks, it’s everyone’s first response. I am really trying to stay positive not be a negative energy or take one side or the other, but to be here as a prayer in hopes everything will turn out alright for everyone.

    3. ND

      Do you really know what the true fact after all?what the hell power you got? Of course as human we againt abusing! But wait till till the true come out.We are not blind fans…n do you know how many woman there actualy evil with their preety face?suck it of!!!

  4. mila

    Let’s wait for the truth to come out. Let us give HJ the chance to explain himself. We, as his fans continue to pray in his behalf.

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  6. Kiana

    My motto, if someone doesn’t speak about their personal life to you/someone in confidence or not, ethically we should respect that and not pry.
    The fact that the allegations surfaced for whatever reason GF A felt, it’s her choice, it’s not Fandoms place to judge her or hate her because of the love we have for KHJ.
    On the other hand KE should not suppress media to control scandal because the truth will always rise above. KHJ is a devout Catholic he understands that in the end truth prevails. As a fan it is disappointing to hear this scandal coming in, it’s never a good time for scandal. It is not our place as well to judge if his behavior was justified or not, physical or emotional abuse in relationships tear them apart.
    What I’m saying is, their is no rights or wrongs, it took 2 people to create this behavior, buttons were pushed to their limits that caused this outburst, people are people. As a person who is familiar with abuse, it is the individual’s choice to remain in that relationship or leave.
    Circle of abuse is a constant behavior if you can not understand what triggers that behavior and avoid whatever it takes for that button to be pushed.
    Did anyone notice how much KE lost in stocks? They are paying a price for trying to put out a fire before thinking about the consequence of putting statements out without facts, they too have already been judged.
    As a supporter of KHJ, I chose to avoid the media until all the evidence from both sides come to light. At times it looks like evidence is stacked up against KHJ but like a battle field, you win some you lose some, whatever the end result is, I choose to pray for both of them that they get the necessary counseling to heal. KHJ has a lot on the line for now as he is the public figure but to support him is not to threaten GF A, it’s not in his heart for his fans to hate, he does not hate.
    Finally, KHJ is a kind gentleman, no one ever shows their colors in public. Everyone owns a dark side, if any of you are in relationships, it’s tiring because it’s hard work to keep that relationship from dieing out, because we have bad times in our personal lives doesn’t mean we act inappropriately and display bad manners in public, we are respectful and behave the way we would like to emulate the person we’d like to be viewed as, therefore, saying we know KHJ would not be accurate except to say we know him from what we’ve seen through interviews, sitcoms, concerts, movies etcetera. We should love him unconditionally, his entire being flaws or no flaws. I think KHJ would love if his fans could understand him and not feel like he’s walking on eggshells in fear he may lose fans. I choose to not hate but to understand, love unconditionally.

  7. Nadzyvy Kim

    I just like to add, if you’re real fan of KHJ, you know he’s not the person who like texting, he memorizes phone numbers and better call you, that’s why he’s phone before is still the flipflop type, it’s only now that he change to smartphone. He’s not into technology, he mentioned it in Strong heart, so why would he text his GF? (that’s what she claim ) when he calls you. He’s vey busy guy, all his photos are either playing games or calling, never did I see him texting a message

    1. admin1 Post author

      I do believe that he still texts. U can see that in barefoot friends, the episode where they visited his apartment. Previously he also uses iPhone.. But mostly the flip flop one was shown in photos.

  8. dandelionhyun69

    I’ve been contemplating my stand as a KHJ fan since the news outbreak.The most unnerving piece that really got me furious and almost wanted to rush in defense,for him.I halted though since some sense got over me that an outburst triggered by fury wont help at any point.Sometimes it did more harm than good.

    So I asked myself about how would I weigh my feeling as a fan who has been caught off guard by the sudden turn of events that could leave a smear in his clean image.Guilty or not guilty.Would my faith on him be tainted?Do I still feel the same way without any doubts and much “what ifs” lingering in my fangirling heart?.

    After some serious thoughts I’ve realized that I don’t need to convince myself about anything to remain passionate towards HJ. Because, ever since I fall for this guy I’ve already took even his flaws and the worst in him that might come and appear along his way.He is one of the reason that I become a better person myself.And I can’t thank him enough for that.

    I hope,he may be able to surpass all these mess and continue to grow as a better person.In life there are a lot of lesson we need to learn.And experience is the best teacher.

    To Hyun Joong..

    Now,in this most uncertain times..we can only prove ourselves to you…
    We’ll be just right here…

  9. Janet duhig

    Don’t believe all you read this has been blown apart he must be allowed to defend himself we all have bad moments in our life just give your support to him in this difficult time xx all will be well


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