Park Jung Min – Chois Coffee Spokesperson 2015 (+Greeting Message Eng Trans)

Eng Trans :

First of all, congrats to Jung Min for being the spokesperson for Chois Coffee in year 2015! Looking forward to all the handsome photos from you!



Eng trans :
Hello everyone, I’m SS501’s Park Jung Min, Chois Coffee’s spokesperson from 2015 onwards.
Personally I love drinking coffee, I’m honoured to become the spokesperson for Chois Coffee.
At the same time, I love the taste of Chois Coffee, especially when it’s tasted together with the waffles. The interior decorations of Chois Coffee is simple yet graceful, with a warm atmosphere, making people feel at ease. Actually there’s not many Cafes with good coffee served, but at Chois Coffee, I’m able to drink nice tasting coffee. I hope everyone can visit Chois Coffee.
In China, I hope Chois Coffee will become the signature Korean brand coffee.
Chois Coffee Fighting!

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