SS501’s Park Jung Min drops new album ‘The Wind Is Blowing’

SS501’s Park Jung Min released his new single album titled ‘The Wind Is Blowing’ on 12th October, containing 4 tracks in total with the title track being ‘The Wind Is Blowing’.


This album is the first Korean album released by the singer after a long while and its said to be a single album with songs that suit this Autumn season. “The Wind Is Blowing” features the perfect blend of Park Jung Min’s sweet voice and acoustic guitar melody arranged by composer Park JungUk.

Park Jung Min revealed through his personal instagram that ‘The Wind Is Blowing’ is a song for the coming Autumn, where the memories in your heart or past memories that were vague were recalled and remembered. All in all, it is a autumn song to be remembered.


The 4 tracks of the album are as follows:

1. The Wind Is Blowing (Title Track)

2. The Wind Is Blowing (Instrumental)

3. Missing You

4. Missing You (Instrumental)

The single album can be streamed through major sites such as Melon and Genie, while the official MV of the title song is expected to be released at a later time today.

For fans who can’t wait to catch a glimpse of Park Jung Min’s new MV, you may watch the making of his MV here.

*Additional Photos form Park Jung Min’s Single Album

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