Kim Hyun Joong’s first drama after 4 years, “I just want to make the best out of everyday”

(Video Source: Keyeast Official Youtube)

Singer cum actor Kim Hyun Joong held press conference for KBS W drama ‘At The Moment’ at Amoris Hall in YeongDeung-Po, Seoul on 23rd October. The 12 episodes web drama premiering on 24th October will be Kim Hyun Joong’s first return to screen after a long hiatus of 4 years.

Kim Hyun Joong shared with the media on the role Moon JoonWoo he acted in drama ‘At The Moment’ is a person with the special ability to stop the time, however, he does not have memories of his past and does not know anything about himself such as his birth and origin. The drama is a fantasy romance drama where Moon JoonWoo meets female character SeonAh and starts to discover about his true identity and finds hope in life. When asked about his feeling to act again after such a long time, Kim Hyun Joong shared that he felt a mix of both excitement and nervousness and he wondered if he could do well so he thought that he should go to the site to feel for himself. ​

khj press

And as many would have known that Kim Hyun Joong has been through a rough time in the past few years and this press conference was actually the first official public media appearance for Kim Hyun Joong since his scandal in Korea, however, Kim Hyun Joong was able to embrace himself very well with the questions from the media. Kim Hyun Joong confessed that “Lately, I think in a way that there may not be a future. Therefore I just wish to live happily even just today, so with this mindset, I hope to make live everyday happily, in other words, to make the best out of everyday”.

Ending of the press conference, Kim Hyun Joong calls out to everyone to support the drama and jokingly says “Nowadays there is the replay button so you can watch many times”, bringing laughter and lightening the atmosphere at the press conference.

“At The Moment” will start airing on 24th October at 11pm KST.

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