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This blog is opened in August, 2009.
I started listening to korean songs and read about kpop news after watching Boys Over Flowers. So yep, the first korean group i came to known is SS501.

Been writing and covering kpop events in Singapore for a while.

from 2009 till now :
– SS501 Persona Concert in Shanghai 2009
– Beast Singapore Fansign 2010
– Kim Hyung Jun Singapore Fanmeet + Meet and Greet 2010
– Zea Singapore Showcase + Fanmeet 2010
– Kim Hyun Joong TFS Asia Tour in Singapore 2010

– Park Jung Min Singapore Press Con + Fansign + Fanmeet 2011
– Shinee KBS World Recording 2011 in Singapore
– Kim Hyung Jun Asia Tour in Singapore 2011
– Kim Hyun Joong TFS Asia Tour in Singapore Press Con + Fanmeet
– Kim hyun joong 2012 Singapore press con + fanmeet
– Kim hyun joong 2012 Beijing fanmeet
– Alexander singapore fm
– SM TOWN Singapore 2012
– G.NA Courts Megastore opening
– SHinee World 2 Singapore 2012

– Kim Hyung Jun SPD Charity Show 2013
– Ukiss Collage Tour in Singapore
– Jay Park x X-mini Speaker Launch event
– Asia Style Collection 2013
– Skarf dreams come true showcase in Singapore
– SNSD world tour ‘girls and peace’ Singapore stop

41 thoughts on “Contact & About

    1. hasini

      HAI KHJ come to india pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………….here so many fans waiting for u……….pls oppa come to india

  1. miryung

    hi, iโ€™m from singapore and am a total fan of SS501, n i totally love kim hyun joong. so i would appreciate it alot if u can share news of them with me or even newly updated photos as i jus cant seem to find any one the web, no matter via google or any search engine.

    by the way, iโ€™ve learnt basic korean so i can type and understand simple phrases and am in the process of upgrading my skills ๐Ÿ™‚

    oh, and i am a Triple S too, in the singapore fan club.

    SS501 ํŒŒ์ดํŒ…! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. P-Dragon

    Hi babayv fan….recently I found ur blog and now I’m interested in Ur blog….I don’t know that U like to have friend from iran or not, but I like to have friends Too…So I would be happy if U check my blog and leave comment…I love SS501 too…especially โ™ฅJungminโ™ฅ
    oh I’m fan of U-kiss too….I’m very happy to find Ur blog…hope to become good friends…

  3. P-Dragon

    Hi ~babyvfan…my real name is Paras2(It’s an iranian name)I love SS501 alot…I become very happy when I saw Ur comment…thx…I love Ur blog 2….
    wish to see Ur comments again and again…
    Oh really???I like to have foreign friends too….any way this is my e-mail address….add me on massenger if U have yahoo ID…
    lot’s of love~Jung min’s lover=P-Dragon…
    Don’t forget to check my blog….bye

  4. Rajesh Pandey

    Hey Kim Hyun Joong,how are u?i am Rajesh Pandey from Nepal.i Like Your Acting very much especially in Play full kiss and chemistry between you and Oh Ha Ni.I want to be your friend…WILL U BE MINE FRIEND???

  5. jojo1211

    please if u r ane member frome ss501 please tell me u really want to go out frome the band ?? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ please tell me! it’s lie that’s right

  6. tasha

    at last i found this blog…i had search for this kind of blog almost whole of my life..thanks for the blogger,u had done something good in my life=)

  7. yasilu

    hello kim hyun jun
    plis visit peru is a beatiful
    thanks i am fans ss501 and especial del leader kim hyun joong and kim kyu joong
    kanzamida fithing!!!
    sarangee a todos ustedes byee

  8. yasilu

    haรฑosayo kim hyun jun
    soy fan de los ss501 i am me encanted su songs y sarengee a los 5 son beatiful
    plis visit peru is a from beatiful
    i am not hablar english ok
    bueno thankyu y fithin para todos ustedes.

  9. faruangel20

    Hi. im new to wordpress. I have recently made the wordpress blog. Now i got 641 views with 12 followers. I have my tumblr blog too with 187 followers. I dnt know how to promote blog on wordpress. On tumblr i can easily promote my blog but here i dont know how to? Can u help me out?

    1. babyvfan Post author

      Hihi, u can link ur wordpress with ur fb and twitter. just simply go to dashboard. then click on ‘MY BLOGS’ , you will be able to link from there ^^
      have a great day~

  10. harper501

    Hi, I wanted to read the fan account of Kim Hyung Jun that you posted recently. How do I sign up and get a password to view it? Thank You.


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