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[Live Stream] Kim Hyun Joong Seoul Fansign 20180114

Live streaming for KHJ’s Seoul fansign on sunday (14th Jan), 5pm KST.

Instagram  : ziqi_tt 

I tried my best to do live via both twitter and instagram, but i realised i dont have enough hands haha. So i will keep live streaming to instagram only. 



[Info] Live Streaming for Kim Hyun Joong World Tour ‘Haze’ in Seoul

Dear all,

I will be attending KHJ’s concert in seoul this saturday on 2nd dec. 

Like the previous time, i will try my best to do live streaming/updates via instagram and twitter. 

For henecians who cant be at the concert, u can tune in here : 

Instagram : @ziqi_tt

Twitter : @wangziqi

Kim Hyun Joong did DNA tests, lawyer says “will take full responsibility if confirmed”

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Kim Hyun Joong finished parental DNA testing on 14th Dec with his ex-girlfriend at Seoul University Hospital. As according to Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer, Kim Hyun Joong had to leave for army immediately upon finishing the DNA tests, thus he did not even get to meet the child for once”. His lawyer also expressed that the results will be out in 1~2 week’s time, if parental relationship is confirmed, Kim Hyun Joong will take his full responsibility as the father.

A place where all fans of Kim Hyun Joong should visit – Jaksal Chicken (Ilsan Outlet)

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My second post under ‘Where to eat in Seoul‘. Ok, although Ilsan is not in Seoul, but i’m grouping this together just for simple categorising sake on my blog. There are of course a few Jaksal Chicken outlets in Seoul, e.g. Sinchon, Seokchon etc. However, many of us already knew that they were acquired by another franchise. Ilsan outlet is still managed by Kim Hyun Joong’s parents.




There were three of us who went together, we only ordered one set of Jaksal Chicken, which costs 16000 Won. The price is really reasonable or rather cheap for the serving size. Needless to say, of course the taste is good! (maybe i’m a bit biased since i’m like Kim Hyun Joong)




How To Get There?

Address : 경기도 고양시 일산동구 장항동 867 (GyeongGi-Do, GoYang-Si, Ilsan Donggu, Jang Hang Dong 867)
Nearby Subway Station : 정발산 (Jeongbalsan, it’s on line 3)


Come up from Exit 1 of Jeongbalsan station, you will be able to see Lotte Departmental Store and Ilsan Cultural Park.

Walk straight and cross the junction. (Means you will be back facing Lotte)

After crossing the road, turn to the right and walk straight down the road.

You will come to another junction. Cross the road and continue to walk straight down the road.

Walk until you see the next junction. Cross the road and turn to your left.

Continue walking until you see this complicated cross junction (i call it the Japan style cross road). Cross the road (go to the side where you see Paris Baguette).

Then just walk straight and you will find Jaksal Chicken on your right.

Hopefully this post can help out those who wanna go to Jaksal’s Ilsan outlet during your next visit to Korea!