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HanGang Floating Island (Sevit Some)

One of my favouriate spot in Seoul is the floating Sevit island along HanGang. You can rent a small boat with your friends and hang out on the boat to enjoy the night breeze~

My friends and I celebrated birthday on the boat at HanGang, it was such a memorable experience, i will never be able to forget it. Hope i will go there soon again as weather becomes warmer.

Directions to get there :

You can take subway to Express Bus Terminal (고속버스터미널), from there, there is shuttle bus services that takes you to and fro from the Sevit Island.

So why not gather a group of close friends and spend some quality time on the boat at HanGang? Trust me, it will become one of the best memories in your life~ You can get some drinks and fingerfoods from convenience store there and bring it onto the boat, like what we did ~

Hope you would enjoy it as much as i do!


[Live Stream] Kim Hyun Joong Fansign in DaeJeon

dear all,

i will be live streaming khj’s upcoming fansign in daejeon on 17th Dec.

u can tune in here for updates on Sunday.

instagram ; ziqi_tt

twitter : wangziqi

Painters Hero (페인터즈 히어로), Your Must Watch Show in Korea!

WeChat Image_20170724161053

I’m usually not a show-going person, except for Kpop related ones. This time, thanks to Global Seoul Mate, I got to experience THE MOST engaging show I have ever watched.

Before going there, I did not have a high expectation as I was not even interested in such activities. All that I know about the show is that it has a high popularity among Chinese tourists and the show would not have any spoken words involved throughout. So I thought, it is probably going to be boring as how on earth can performers be engaging without any words being spoken?

WeChat Image_20170724161211
Well, the show has totally proven me wrong, it was really amazingly, humourously entertaining and engaging. The performers have a strong stage presence and their painting skills are superb! From paintings of Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Beethoven, characters from The Romance of Three Kingdoms to Little Mermaid, all these were done on the spot and has shown a great effort in resonating with the audience, despite of age and cultural differences. What is also worth mentioning is their dance skills~ They danced to Michael Jackson’s songs.

WeChat Image_20170724161222
Not just merely engaging the audience with humerous body languages. They also came off stage and brought a few audience members to stage to join the performance. The moments were hilarious, sadly photography and videography were both not allowed.

WeChat Image_20170724161215
From the show, I really got to understand the true meaning of ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ (in this case, a painting) and how language barriers can be broken down with no words being said, yet you understand every essence of it.

WeChat Image_20170724161229
I strongly recommend you to come to watch Painters Hero if you come to Korea. The show lasted for approximately 1hour and is located in central seoul, (Jongno-5-ga). No wonder, it is listed as THE MUST WATCH SHOW in Korea.

At last, you can get autographs from the performers in the hall after the show ends. You may even ask them for a photo together~

WeChat Image_20170724161122WeChat Image_20170724161234

Global Seou Mate Induction Ceremony 2017

The induction ceremoney for Global Seoul Mate 2017 was held o April. About 120 of us gathered for the occassion. We were grouped into teams according to our nationality and area of residence.

One highlight of the ceremony was the ‘Bibimbap’ performence. I guess it’s something similar to the Nanta Show, which probably more people have heard about..? The show is about 2 chefs competiting with each other, combined with dances and singings. It was a great show and I was glad to be able to experience it.



Running into Super Junior at Beijing International Airport

It’s been quite some time since I last posted something personal. This entry is about meeting Super Junior members coincidentally at Beijing International Airport on 23rd Feb 2014. I’m not a fan of SJ, but I have to admit, some of them look really good, better than they do in photos.

It was not planned, after arriving at airport and checked in my luggage, I saw girls holding super junior’s gift bags as they walk. And as I wait for my dad, I keep seeing more people walking into airport with the same bag. Then there was a group of people with shades on, dressed in fashionable outfits, the first thought I had was, wow they look like dancers of kpop idol groups and coordinators. A few moments later, a few guys pushing trolleys of luggage passed by, they looked familar, wait, arent they SM’s staffs? It suddenly drawn to me that Super Junior just held a concert here in Beijing the night before.

After realising this, I went to see what time is their flight, it is such a coincidence that both of our flights are scheduled to take off around the same time! So I decided to keep a look out for Super Junior members.

>>>>>Fast Forward>>>>>
As I was queuing up for custom check, I noticed a few fangirls running forward, Super Junior were walking towards the custom check counters. The first thing I noticed was – Siwon is so tall~

If I remember correctly, Zhoumi was the first to check at the custom counter. I quickly got mine checked and started looking at them. Kyu Hyun and Henry were opposite of me by then, having their passports checked. I made eye contact with Kyu Hyun, he looks really handsome in person. To be honest, Henry looked really short standing in among Zhoumi, Siwon and Kyu hyun.
After they passed the counters, they started to line up for the custom checks, so did I. While waiting, I turned to look at their queue, and Henry happens to be starring at our queue. (The custom checks were rather slow yesterday, perhaps the staffs slowed down to get a good look of them too.) The guys sticked together waiting for their bags to pass the security check, on the other side, there were many passer-bys gathered to look at them too.

Here’s a very very short video I took of them :