ss501 members’ solo schedules

November 2013 onwards : Kim Hyun Joong drama filming.
Expected to film in China by the end of the year.

January 2014 : Kim Hyung Jun Latin America tour
Feb 2014 : Kim Hyung Jun solo debut 3rd anniversary fm and concert in Seoul.

97 thoughts on “ss501 members’ solo schedules

    1. babyvfan Post author

      sg concert is canceled due to certain reasons, however the there will be a sg concert for 2nd part of asia tour which will start in sept 2010

    1. babyvfan Post author

      there will not be concert in philippines, their bangkok concert will be the last stop for asia tour, the encore concert will be in seoul

  1. park ri rin

    i wish there will be here for a concert don’t they know there are many fans of ss501 here in philippines? please i wanna see youngsaeng-my-love

  2. Jhonna Mae

    Do you have a concert here in the Philippines this year?…Someone told me SS501 will have a concert here on July, but I think it’s not true…How sad…

  3. Mary

    hey umm is he or ss501 ever coming to washington cuz hes my role model and i want to go see him also is he going to be in korea this upcoming july because i might be coming to korea and want to maybe pass by him cuz my bday is in july
    also does KHJ have a son?

      1. joy

        how are you?
        im your fan from philippines,
        i hope i meet you kim hyun joong,
        bcuz this coming december 2010 im go to the taiwan,
        bcuz im going the work of taiwan.
        i hope someday i meet you.
        you know i like this new movie of plyfullkiss
        but my favorite is boys over flower of your outfeet.
        im always watching in my dvd of boys over flower in sing.
        im rent now of dvd of playfull kiss
        tomorrow im copy;^_^

  4. love kimo

    i’m love kimo i love kim hyun joong so much and his band i love your songs
    and i want to say please come to kuwait there are many fans to you here and we wish you visit kuwait please
    we love you so much
    ss501 fighting

  5. baranss501

    i love ss501 and kim hyun joong leader.You do not know the number of fans in Iran is too much and I hope I can see you in Iran.
    my blog adress My blog is a Persian language

  6. baranss501

    you are my angel
    open your arms to me
    i’ll make
    your every thing alright
    you are my giselle
    come on to my side
    take keys
    and my kiss
    for you now

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  8. kireina ayumie

    hai, i like kim hyung joong very much, i’m his big fans…eally like his act as a pretty boy with a cool smile, but i really like his acting in playful kiss…’s so awesome because he never smile and that’s the point “baek seung jo” is a cool man…well done for you kimo…can’t wait for your next drama…hope you will visit my country, indonesia… sarange

  9. mimi

    Hai..I’m the crazy fan for Kim Hyun Joong. i’m waiting for you at Malaysia..When your turn come to Malaysia.. Actually, you have a big fan here..Hope u will visit Malaysia an d i’m waiting that….love U…

  10. mimi

    can u give a production address for SS501 or Kim hyun Joong Agency addres..B’couse I don’t know how send my fan letter and gifts for the Kim Hyun Joong and SS501.


  11. R-love

    Let’s do it, Baby ss501 all gather together to present as one forever!!!! Keep up the good work!

    Sponser:Lee Rii Kael

  12. hazel the one of ss501 fans at malaysia….i heard that ss501 will disbandin…y??? i hope its just a rumour….anyway…wish all of u success….

  13. rovieann

    hi can i ask how to buy to your album coz my mother is isreal she is your fan and she want’s to buy your album but he does know wer she can buy in israel..

  14. hazel

    Based on the statement by the head group Kim Hyun Joong I have read previously from a magazine stated that the group find they have difficulities to find a new recording company that is willing to take all the 5 members but instead only offer 1 person out of 5 group members as such, they have to bring their own separate path to continue their carier. If this continues happen, then theways and luck of this group is hard to foreseen if weather will continue in this industries or not. And this will surely dissapointed and sadden for all thousand and perhaps millions of fans all over the world. Even though they will come out in solo, but the fever is different from when the group is still maintain in5. I have a lots of collection from cd,vcd to dvd regards this group starting from the carier from 2005 till present, but when i heard the break up news, i felt silent as there will be no more of their appearance in Tv and a new album too. I am sure that many fans out there are anxious and await for their come back and do the biggest concert to all country including here in Malaysia by bringing their hit songs. I am sure that they can carry on their journey just like the super junior group thathave recently spread their wings to Malaysia.

    If can, I would like to help this group to shine back at the entertainment industries but what to do because I really don’t know how to help and if can also, I hope that the SS501 members could read this blog and try to communicate with me thru, if this group would like an assistant in terms of money/fund to move. then we sincerity could find ways to help in what ever way and i can be a mine sponsor in what ever show moving. I do really hope that the SS501 group could make a come back to the stage all five of them…Good Luck…..Lots of love from us fans in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah…..Malaysia….Remember we will always be with u SS501….Kamsahamnida

  15. Emma

    Will SS501 come to United States? I really want to go to one of your shows. I wish they would come to United States.

  16. gaira vyneth

    does philippines also includes to the list of kim hyun joong’s upcoming asia concert tour this december 2011??

  17. {..........}ss501 schedule {.............}

    ”when will SS501…………….come back,we hope……..ss501 come again………….”

  18. Bibette Sia

    I’m happy KHJ’s finally back home, I’ll just be waiting for release of footage from His Japan concert tour. But I hope someone could place a sub eng to that video clip of Q & A potion of the concert.
    May I extend my deepest appreciation to KeyEast & Henecia for taking care of KHJ. It’sall job well done….congratulations.
    So what’s next? Singapore’s MAMA celebration, i pray hard that KHJ would bring home the beacon, he has worked so hard & i think he deserves to be rewarded for recognition.

  19. kim hae ra

    regarding dsp ent refused to sign contract with kim kyu very curious about this it true or not? if the rumor is true….i think DSP management should come forward to explain what actually happen behind the ‘scene…’ this is not fair to FANS,not fair to SS501member & also not fair to Kim Kyu Jong.

  20. kim hae ra

    will ss501 back for this year..i really miss 5 of them….i hope they will make a new album together for this year….Kim hyun joong ( break Down ) + Heo Young Saeng Saeng ( Let It Go ) + Kim Kyu Jong ( Yesterday ) + Park Jung Min ( Alone ) + Kim Hyung Jun ( Girl ) combined it together again as five forever n ever…..i believe if they back again…they will be a group no.1 in korea….ss501 Hwuaiting!!!!!

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  22. Liz

    Hi I will like to know if any members are coming to America in this year. And if so when and where. I run the Latinas ss501 club here in Chicago,

  23. Amu

    “Contagious”:-) n what a MILLION DOLLAR SMILE ?!? I think ” KING” Hyung Jun suits better…n i really hope he comes to India 🙂 Well… but is he even aware of the absolutely unbelievable fan following here… ???


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