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Kim Hyung Jun 11-5-3 Fansign in Seoul

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My first time going to Hyung Jun’s fansign in Seoul! I was surprised when I found out I got picked twice.

And omg this is my first post since forever… more photos can be found on my instagram (@ziqi_tt) . Its been a while since I have blogged, so I will slowly get adjusted to the blogging life again. More pics will be uploaded in a few days time~



Melody of Love (Love Through Song) – First day records a 23.5% rating!

Kim Hyung Jun’s new drama ‘Melody of Love’ (also known as ‘Love Through Song’) is a daily drama currently airing on KBS 1TV. Hyung Jun is acting as TaeKyung, a musical director.

The drama started airing on 4th November 2013 and received a 23.5% viewership rating on the very first day! This is not a normal high rating a daily drama usually receives.

‘Love Through Song’ – Female lead : Sistar’s Dasom, Male lead : Baek Seung Hyun, co-star : Kim Hyung Jun.

Kim Hyung Jun to hold concert tour in South America

TripleS in South America can rejoice! After two of SS501 members (Heo Young Saeng and Park Jung Min) holding their solo tours in South America this year, Kim Hyung Jun – the maknae of SS501, will also be having his solo concert tour in South America early next year.

Titled ‘The First Kim Hyung Jun’s Concert & Fanmeet‘, Kim Hyung Jun will have concert in 4 countries – Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia in January 2014. This will be the first time Kim Hyung Jun is preparing for concert and fanmeet that will be held beyond Asia.

In the meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun has recently attended Busan International Film Festival as a cast of the movie ‘An Actor is An Actor’. He will also be acting as the male lead in ‘Love Through Song’ with Sistar’s Dasom.

Source : en.korea.com