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Global Seoul Mate Mission

One of my favourite place to go and hangout with friends is Garosugil in Sinsa-dong. You can literally get everything you want here! (Shopping, cafe hopping, getting pampered by beauty salons, famous restaurants and bars.)

One of the popular tourist attraction at Garosugil is the Line Friends Store. The store has 3 levels, on the first level, there is the famous bear that everyone takes a photo with~ and on the basement level is their own cafe, where you can chill and relax if you get tired with all the shopping.


Garosugil is also very suited to take photos. On normal days, you can easily spot bloggers taking photos along this street.


There are a few cafes with good interiors and atmospheres. I highly recommend C27 (a signature cheesecake cafe), Dore Dore(the interior is very pink and girlish~), Art C (a cozy English decor style cafe).



There are so many good food at Garosugil that I never get tired of going there.

Bad Farmers – A popular salad shop that has people queueing throughout the year. It is by far the best salad I had in Seoul.




The Original Pancake House – A good place for brunch! Their seasonal menu with strawberries are soooo good!


Table Star – A Italien Restaurant opened by a famous fashion designer in Korea. Their fries are honey dipped which is really delicious.



A place where all fans of Kim Hyun Joong should visit – Jaksal Chicken (Ilsan Outlet)

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My second post under ‘Where to eat in Seoul‘. Ok, although Ilsan is not in Seoul, but i’m grouping this together just for simple categorising sake on my blog. There are of course a few Jaksal Chicken outlets in Seoul, e.g. Sinchon, Seokchon etc. However, many of us already knew that they were acquired by another franchise. Ilsan outlet is still managed by Kim Hyun Joong’s parents.




There were three of us who went together, we only ordered one set of Jaksal Chicken, which costs 16000 Won. The price is really reasonable or rather cheap for the serving size. Needless to say, of course the taste is good! (maybe i’m a bit biased since i’m like Kim Hyun Joong)




How To Get There?

Address : 경기도 고양시 일산동구 장항동 867 (GyeongGi-Do, GoYang-Si, Ilsan Donggu, Jang Hang Dong 867)
Nearby Subway Station : 정발산 (Jeongbalsan, it’s on line 3)


Come up from Exit 1 of Jeongbalsan station, you will be able to see Lotte Departmental Store and Ilsan Cultural Park.

Walk straight and cross the junction. (Means you will be back facing Lotte)

After crossing the road, turn to the right and walk straight down the road.

You will come to another junction. Cross the road and continue to walk straight down the road.

Walk until you see the next junction. Cross the road and turn to your left.

Continue walking until you see this complicated cross junction (i call it the Japan style cross road). Cross the road (go to the side where you see Paris Baguette).

Then just walk straight and you will find Jaksal Chicken on your right.

Hopefully this post can help out those who wanna go to Jaksal’s Ilsan outlet during your next visit to Korea!

Where to eat in Seoul? – Isaac Toast & Coffee (1)

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Dear friends! I’m starting a series of blog posts with the theme of ‘Where to eat in Seoul‘, to give some recommendations to fellow travelers!

Starting with breakfast, Isaac Toast & Coffee is a really awesome place! They have a wide variety of menus for you to choose from. (e.g. beef+veg+cheese, pork+veg, hot dog etc) They have a reasonable price too, approximately an average of 2700 won. Every morning, there will be a long queue of people in front of the shop!

How to get there?

*Nearby subway station : MyeongDong
1. Come out from Myeongdong station exit 5 or 6.

(screenshots from naver map)

2. Walk straight down the road, on the way, you will pass by GongCha. Keep walking straight. On the map below, u will see CU Family mart. Isaac is just beside it!

(screenshots from naver map)

Some photos of Isaac Toast in making!




If you are in Seoul and happen to be around MyeongDong area, why not give Isaac a try!? You will not regret it ^^