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[Tentative] Park Jung Min birthday fanmeet in Singapore

Dear TS in Singapore,


Please fill up the form if u want to attend PJM’s Fanmeet in SG!

*the survey is more of a petition to show the numbers to Jung min’s agency.

*vip ticket holders can choose to get album signed or a group photo (5 ppl)

*normal ticket holder will still get hi-touch with Jung min at the end of FM.

The event is tentively on 31st March (Sat). In the event that there are really very little fans left here :((

The event would be cancelled.

So do fill up the form seriously!


SS501 to make a comeback as SS301!

After 2000 days of being on hiatus and 2000 days of us, TS waiting for the boys, they are finally coming back!
Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun (the UR Man subunit) is making a comeback as SS301.

ㅋㅋ I cant express how i feel in words because i have waited too long for this. . beyond what simple letters can describe~


Kim Hyun Joong did DNA tests, lawyer says “will take full responsibility if confirmed”

Credit – http://www.babyvfan.wordpress.com
Please repost with full credits


Kim Hyun Joong finished parental DNA testing on 14th Dec with his ex-girlfriend at Seoul University Hospital. As according to Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer, Kim Hyun Joong had to leave for army immediately upon finishing the DNA tests, thus he did not even get to meet the child for once”. His lawyer also expressed that the results will be out in 1~2 week’s time, if parental relationship is confirmed, Kim Hyun Joong will take his full responsibility as the father.

Park Jung Min – Chois Coffee Spokesperson 2015 (+Greeting Message Eng Trans)

Eng Trans : http://www.babyvfan.wordpress.com

First of all, congrats to Jung Min for being the spokesperson for Chois Coffee in year 2015! Looking forward to all the handsome photos from you!



Eng trans :
Hello everyone, I’m SS501’s Park Jung Min, Chois Coffee’s spokesperson from 2015 onwards.
Personally I love drinking coffee, I’m honoured to become the spokesperson for Chois Coffee.
At the same time, I love the taste of Chois Coffee, especially when it’s tasted together with the waffles. The interior decorations of Chois Coffee is simple yet graceful, with a warm atmosphere, making people feel at ease. Actually there’s not many Cafes with good coffee served, but at Chois Coffee, I’m able to drink nice tasting coffee. I hope everyone can visit Chois Coffee.
In China, I hope Chois Coffee will become the signature Korean brand coffee.
Chois Coffee Fighting!