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Kim Hyung Jun 11-5-3 Fansign in Seoul

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My first time going to Hyung Jun’s fansign in Seoul! I was surprised when I found out I got picked twice.

And omg this is my first post since forever… more photos can be found on my instagram (@ziqi_tt) . Its been a while since I have blogged, so I will slowly get adjusted to the blogging life again. More pics will be uploaded in a few days time~



ss501-boys have transformed themselves with the new album

5-member idol group SS501 has changed entirely. With mini album ‘REBIRTH’ which all members are involved in after a period of 1 year 7 months, SS501 returned with not only changes to their appearance, but also wonderful transformation of their style of music. This album has been released on 20-Oct. It will also be released in 10 other Asian countries.

SS501 has changed their style of music completely for this album. A total of 5 songs were included, including title song ‘LOVE LIKE THIS (to me)’, exotic pop dance song ‘WASTELAND’, ballad song with beautiful melody ‘ONLY ONE DAY’, a completely new style of R&B song to SS501 ‘OBSESS’, and ‘GREEN PEAS’ written together by the members dedicated to their fans.

“In all, this album is more towards pop and its music is not something that SS501 had before. Mr Steven Lee is in charge of composing and producing the songs for this album. He has produced songs for famous Japanese group ARASHI and other famous foreign singers. All thanks to him, we are able to try pop music through this album and he helped us a lot while we did the album. In addition, because he is a American-Korean, he is able to feel the Korean sentiments to a certain degree.” (Kim HyungJoon)

Through the album jacket photos released, they showed a different image of what they had all these while, transforming with a breakthrough appearance. With smoky make-up, this idol group is filled with charisma, their transformed appearance and choreography is done by world-famous choreographer AJ.

In this transformation, SS501 will lead the fashion in the music industry now.

“’Hook Song’ is very popular these days. Rather than going with simple melody, we want to breakthrough from that type of music and the emphasis for this album is to try to lead the craze with SS501’s own style. Everything looks good at the moment. Because this is a good album even when we listen to it ourselves. Because we produced this in a good mood, such a feeling can be felt strongly in the album.” (Park JungMin)

SS501’s transformation is first released to the public through a mini album as a market tester, thereafter to reconfirm their transformation in music before releasing official 2nd album by the end of this year or next year.

Recently, they held their very first Asia Tour concert since debut and sang the song to be included in their official album. The song is none other than ‘CRAZY4U’. It is indeed different from the existing style of SS501.

In any case, it has been a long time since all 5 members come back together this year. Kim HyunJoong and Park JungMin had appeared in drama ‘Boys over flowers’ and musical ‘Grease’ respectively while the remaining 3 members went into activities on their own.

“I am the leader during the times when 3 of us are doing activities together, so I would have to talk a lot be it in shows or interviews, now that HyunJoong and JungMin are back, it is definitely better for me. SS501 is certainly the best when 5 of us do it together than just 3.”

SS501 unites once again. They have transformed with better stronger poses and musicality for their comeback. They have also matured more through each of their individual activities.

“Through each of our own activities, I felt that we have become even stronger. In fact, all of us have a lot that we want to achieve in music. HyunJoong hyung had a lot of considerations prior to accepting to act in the drama, saying that it would be great if all of us were to do it together. Fortunately, the drama is really a success and when we went overseas, we found that the effect of appearing in the drama is certainly great. The musical finished well too. While doing our own activities separately, it seems like our capabilities also grew.” (Kim KyuJong)

ss501-hyun joong fully recovered, concert in shang hai



  韩国超人气组合“东方神起”刚在虹口足球场上掀起“韩流”,便忙于解决与经纪公司的合约纠纷,与此同时SS501凭借韩版《花样男子 流星花园》中的出色演出,成为众多哈韩粉丝的新宠。迅速窜红的队长金贤重将带领SS501的另四名成员许永生、金圭钟、朴政玟、金亨俊掀起一场全新的“韩流”。




  偶像团体另一不可缺少的条件便是多栖发展,SS501也是“身兼数职”,以主持人、电台DJ、演员的多重身份在演艺圈非常活跃。2009年,队长金贤重因为演出了当红偶像剧《花样男子 流星花园》中痴情的尹智厚学长一角,成为全亚洲女性观众的心头大爱,他的瞬间爆红更将SS501团体人气推上高峰。如今SS501已晋升成为亚洲最受欢迎的韩国偶像组合。



  此外,今年H1N1也落到了金贤重头上。在9月初赴日本参加《花样男子 流星花园》宣传活动时,他感染了H1N1,不幸地成为了韩国感染该病毒的第一人,并在日本停留一个星期住院治疗,直到痊愈后才重新归队。